2018 Hobie 16 North American Championships

2018 Hobie 16 North American Championships, Navarre Beach, Florida

Day 1
After a morning delay waiting for winds the first day of racing got underway in 5-7 knots of wind. Two races were completed for the day before the wind gave up. 67 teams from throughout North America are competing. Due to geographic limitations of the sailing area, the race officer opted for a split fleet format with the sailors seeded into four groups and competing in two starts per race. This will continue for the first three days of competition afterwards the fleet will be split into gold and silver of the final two days of competition.

After two races Ken Hilk/Darcy Jensen (USA) lead followed by Kevin Smith/David Smith (USA) and Patrick Porter/Heather Matthews (USA).

Day 2
After a morning delay to allow the wind to fill, day two of the Hobie 16 North American Championships continued in 5-10 knots of wind with the strongest breeze early and fading throughout the day. The increased velocity generally made for better sailing but the numerous shifts and changes in wind speed provided lots of passing opportunities. The wind has been blowing directly across a rather narrow bay keeping the courses small and the fleet tightly compacted. Managing the traffic, keeping your air clear and picking the right shift is a challenge. Three races were completed shuffling the score board. Enrique Figueroa/Melisa Gann (PUR) now lead followed by Mark Modderman/Alexander Liu (USA) And Ken HILK/Darcy JENSEN (USA). Racing continues through Friday.


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