James West on Hobie 17 6676

Result of the Hobie 17 and Hobie 20 rule changes and sailmaker selection vote – round 2

Dear class members,

We are pleased to announce the votes cast on the proposals published 29-06-2022 related to the Hobie 17 and Hobie 20 rule changes and sailmaker selection round 2:

Hobie 17
YES: 90%
NO: 0%

Hobie 20
YES: 94%
NO: 6%

Luckily very clear support for the proposals for both classes. With this and the comments in mind, the Rules Committee will now prepare recommendations for the IHCA Council to decide on. If accepted by the Council, the changes may be expected to go into effect in early August.

As to the sail logo situation, which many have commented on, it is no secret we too would have preferred to continue with flying HC as class insignia on the new non-HCC manufactured sails. However, the flying HC is the property of HCC and they wouldn’t allow us to use it, which is their right.

Hence, an alternate class insignia/sail logo was needed. This is the background for the whole logo exercise, which has not been easy. As always with design, some like it others don’t.

Existing sails with the flying HC logo shall of course not change the logo. The rules for the new logo apply only to new non-HCC manufactured Hobie 17 and Hobie 20 mainsails.

Another thing revealed during the comment period is the organization of IHCA may not be quite clear to all. Fleets, Divisions, National Associations, and Regional Associations are all components of the IHCA as spelled out in our constitution. E.g., becoming a member of a fleet = becoming a member of IHCA. We are in other words all IHCA.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the members who took the time to comment and vote. Again useful and much appreciated!

Erik Olsen

IHCA Rules Committee Chair

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